US 24 Cross Creek Culvert

Project Facts

  • Cost:
    $1.3 million
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic:

Project Team

  • Contractor(s): Oldcastle SW Group

In November 2016, crews completed this project, which replaced an existing 14-foot by 8.5-foot cross creek culvert structure with a 20-foot by 8-foot concrete box culvert on US 24, (mile marker 147.12).

Improvements included:

  • excavation and replacement of the undersized previous culvert
  • installation of a right turn deceleration lane for southbound US 24 travelers turning onto Malloit Park Road

Other Project Benefits

  • Replaced the culvert with an adequately sized one to accommodate Cross Creek
  • Curbed Cross Creek's history of overtopping US 24

Project Work

Initial work involved diverting the creek into a new bypass culvert, followed by the excavation and removal of the old 14-foot by 8.5-foot culvert structure. Once enough space had been created, the new pre-cast 20-foot by 8-foot box culvert was installed, with 80 yards of concrete used for the wing walls of the new culvert

Other work included the replacement of a sanitary sewer line on the inlet side of the culvert. The line replaced the existing clay with new PVC, and was encased in concrete to protect it from damage and weather conditions.

Following the installation of the culvert, other work included roadway resurfacing over the structure, as well as striping, seeding and mulching. Grading, paving and improvements to guard and bridge rails also occurred.


During high water events in recent years, surging water from Cross Creek overflowed onto US 24, creating unsafe driving conditions. CDOT found it imperative that a permanent solution be implemented in this high-traffic area to keep the surface of the highway safe.

Installing a larger and sturdier culvert ensures that water stays in the creek and off the road.

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