Section B | Northbound/Southbound US 285 between CR 72 & Rosalie Road

Existing Conditions:

  • Signalized intersection at CR 43A
  • Short northbound acceleration lane at US 285 and CR 72 interchange
  • Single lane northbound and two lanes southbound through signalized intersection

Safety Concerns:

  • Significant traffic backups during the summer
  • Public concerns regarding short acceleration lane
  • Large queues of traffic and long wait time as CR 43A
  • History of crashes in the area

Crash Review - Observed US 285 Crash Patterns

Two Vehicle Crashes

  • Typical types of crashes: rear end, broadside, and left turns
  • A total of 22 of these crashes were observed in the area between the timeframe of 2014 – 2019
  • Possible Solutions: reducing turning movements, queuing, and median cross overs

Proposed Intersection Improvements

US 285 and CR 43A proposed intersection improvements

Project Goals:

  • Reduce traffic queuing and delay
  • Improve travel time
  • Allow safer access for local residents
  • Reduce traffic crashes
  • Improve air quality