US 34 Brush Lateral Canal Repair

Project Complete!

The Colorado Department of Transportation has secured the remaining Federal funds to complete a third wall in the emergency repairs of the Brush Lateral Canal along US 34 between County Road (CR) 25 and CR 27.

This section of the Brush Lateral Canal is paved with areas of significant damage to the paving which is causing water to run under the pavement and causing underground damage to the shouldering on US 34. The paving will be removed and replaced with sheet piles to prevent the leaking water. Sheet piles are steel sections in a wide variety of cross-sectional shapes-all with the ability to interlock with one another forming a continuous, watertight wall

Project Benefits

  • Replacing the paving with sheet piles will strengthen and reinforce the canal wall
  • The canal will be in top condition so it can continue to store and supply water for irrigation

Brush lateral canal driving piles on wall

Work Schedule:

  • Daytime work hours range from sunup to sundown, Monday through Friday with some work occurring during the weekend if needed.

Traffic Impacts:

  • Shoulder work
  • Reduced speed through the work zone

Work this Week & Lane Closures
US 34 Brush Lateral Repair

Project Facts

  • Cost: 3 million
  • Contractor: Lawrence Construction
  • Timeline: December to June 2023
  • Location: US 34 near Brush, Colorado
    • Mile Points: 86 to 89
    • County: Morgan
Brush Lateral Canal Project Location Map