Grandview Interchange

160 Interchange Progress Map 3-09Moving Forward with Construction: A fully functional US 160 interchange is being constructed without a US 550 connection; the US 550 connection may or may not be located at this interchange in the future, pending the outcome of reevaluations required under various federal environmental statutes. The completed interchange accommodates future projected traffic volumes (of 87,000 vehicles a day), facilitates east-west travel and provides safe and direct access to current and future development north and south (onto a frontage road) of US 160. The interchange has three construction phases and is scheduled for completion by fall 2011. Planned completion for Phases I and II (interchange bridges, construction of an eastbound off-ramp and ramp work on the north side) is late summer 2010. Phase III begins in 2011 and completes the interchange with bridge tie-ins and paving.