US 550 Camino del Rio Center Medians & Signal Improvements in Durango

Project Complete!

LA PLATA COUNTY — The Colorado Department of Transportation, along with Morton Electric have completed the traffic signals, updated curb ramps, and installed concrete center medians on Camino del Rio (US 550) near Town Plaza.

Signal replacement locations took place at two intersections on Camino del Rio at 9th Street and 12th Street. The safety improvements provided by the installation of new curb ramps and concrete medians, along with upgraded signals provide the traveling public in this corridor the best and safest experience possible.  

In August the remainder of the mid-block pedestrian crossing between 29th and 30th Streets on North Main Avenue will be completed. Due to supply chain challenges, the flashing lighted signage needed for the crosswalk will not be shipped to Durango until mid-August. The crosswalk will not be functional until the flashing lights are installed at that time.

US 550 Curb Ramps Completion Graphic

Project Facts

  • Cost: $5.4 Million
  • Contractor: Morton Electric, Inc.
  • Timeline: Summer 2021 - Spring 2022 (with winter shut down)
  • Location: 8th through 14th Streets in Durango on US 550, Camino del Rio, La Plata County

US 550 Curb Ramp project map

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US 550 Camino del Rio Improvements pg 3

US 550 Camino del Rio Improvements pg 2

US 550 Camino del Rio Improvements pg 2

Work Schedule

  • Work is scheduled to begin in mid August and is expected to be completed by December 2021
  • Working hours will be from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

*Construction schedule is subject to change based on weather/unforeseen circumstances

Traffic Impacts

  • All motorized vehicles should expect some travel impacts throughout the construction of this project.
  • Motorists should be aware of lane closures and lane shifts in the intersections.
  • Motorists are urged to obey speed reductions and watch for construction personnel and equipment in the work zone.

PLEASE ZIPPER MERGE! As traffic narrows to one lane at the work zone, CDOT instructs drivers to use both lanes all the way to the merge point. This traffic pattern, also known as a “zipper or late merge,” allows for smoother more efficient merging and less stop-and-go traffic. YouTube video: How to merge in a work zone.

If you have questions or concerns or if you would like to be added to our public outreach contact list to receive construction updates, please contact us!