US 550 Red Mountain Pass

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In October 2016, the Colorado Department of Transportation completed this project, which repaired five crib walls (retaining walls) on the hillside below US 550 on Red Mountain Pass.

Project History

Crews repaired and replaced five crib walls. Work was completed at two work sites in summer 2015 (with replacement of two crib walls and reinforcement of one existing wall). The first season of work began on July 7, 2015, and the second continued into October 2016.

Project Facts

  • Cost:
    $4.9 million

Project Team

  • Contractor: Rock & Company
  • Resumed April 13, 2016:
    Site 1 mile post 79.5 to mile post 79.4 – Just south of Red Mountain Pass summit, about 13 miles south of Ouray – 3 crib walls
    Began: Sept. 1 2015
    Ended for season: Nov. 2015

Rock excavation and blasting, replacement of three crib walls below the highway          

  • Site 2 mile post 88.5 to 88.6 – Approximately 4 miles south of Ouray near snow shed- 2 crib walls
    Began: July 7 2015
    Ended: November 2015

Replacement of two crib walls, excavation, culverts, retaining wall construction, minor paving

  • Site 3 mile post 89.5 to mile post 89.7 – Approximately 3 miles South of Ouray – Repair of crib wall and placement of concrete “cap” over the wall for reinforcement
    Began: Sept. 2015
    Ended: Nov. 2015

Excavation and roadway stabilization that included installation of a concrete "cap" over the existing crib wall, drainage improvements and paving

This stretch of US 550 receives an average annual daily traffic count of 2,164 vehicles a day. The repair and reconstruction project improved the safety and integrity of the highway by reinforcing these under-highway slope-side walls.