US 85 at WCR 66 Acceleration Lanes in North Greeley

Project Complete!

The Colorado Department of Transportation will begin adding acceleration lanes on US 85 at WCR 66 beginning in May. The construction work will begin on US 85 south of Lucerne, from Mile Point 271.18 to MP 271.81.

"Current cars and trucks who turn left onto US 85 have a slower acceleration than existing vehicles on US 85,” said CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew. “The new acceleration lanes provide motorists with approximately 1200 feet to get up to speed safely. CDOT is committed to improving safety along US 85 and help alleviate backups for vehicles turning left onto US 85.”

Project Benefits

  • Acceleration lanes will be added by taking out the median and creating a left-hand acceleration lane on both northbound and southbound US 85. This will allow vehicles entering US 85 to increase speed to a rate to safely merge with through traffic.  
  • Resurfacing will provide a smooth and safer road and improved quality for driving experience.
  • Striping will make the lines more visible and the replacement of aging signage to help with wayfinding.

Work Schedule:

  • The anticipated project completion is September 2023.
  • Daytime work hours are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Work hours may be adjusted depending on traffic volumes.  

Traffic Impacts:

Motorists can expect the following impacts during the period of construction:

If traveling on US 85, there is no access to Weld County Road (WCR) 66 (see detour route/map below).

Detour Route

Northbound Detour

  • Continue on US 85 past CR 66, turn left WCR 68/392.
  • Turn left on CR 37, turn left to CR 66.

Southbound Detour

  • Exit on N. 11th Ave., turn left and cross US 85 northbound
  • Turn right onto WCR 66
  • Speed limit of 40 MPH through the construction zone.
  • Construction trucks entering and exiting the work zone.

US 85 at WCR 66 Project Detour Map

As always, construction schedules may be impacted by weather and other unanticipated delays.  

Refer to for real-time travel conditions and road closures

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $5 Million
  • Contractor: Coulson Excavating
  • Timeline: May 2023 - September 2023
  • Location: US 85 at WCR 66
    • Nearest Town/City: Greeley
    • Mile Point(s): 271.18 - 271.81
    • County: Weld County

US 85 at WCR 66 Accelleration Lane project location

US 85 at WCR 66 Acceleration Lane project location