CO 1 Realignment in Wellington, Larimer County

About the Project

This project will design and construct safety improvements along CO 1 near CR 9 and CR 62E, including potentially realigning the highway and making intersection improvements.  The purpose will be to enhance sight distance and address skews of highway and local county roads.  This will involve close coordination with partners Larimer County and Wellington to determine ownership and agreements necessary for CDOT to proceed.  As of June 6, 2022, the project has been created and currently in the Initiate Design Scoping Review phase which includes defining project objectives, scope, schedule, budget, organizing the team, and identifying opportunities/risks in the area.  Click here for an overview of CDOT's pre-construction process.

CO 1 Realignment in Larimer County - street view

Project Schedule

  • Design Phase begins June 2022 through early 2024
  • Construction Mid/late 2024
CO 1 Realignment project location map