CO 115 Bridge Repair & Mitigation Work Along the Arkansas River

Project Facts

  • Contractor: TBD
  • Timeline: Exact dates TBD, pending funding
  • Location: On Colorado Highway 115, at mile point 11.4

CO 115 over the Arkansas River

Crews on this project will complete work to mitigate damage to the Colorado Highway 115 Bridge along the Arkansas River, and protect a nearby structure. Specific work includes:

  • Removing bridge scour: This process involves removing sediment around the base of the bridge that comprises its integrity.
  • Adding riprap: Crews will pack rocks and other material along the bridge's foundation and elsewhere to prevent erosion and sediment buildup.
  • Installing a guide bank: Guide banks help guide river flow past bridges and other structures to prevent damage.

Official Public Notice

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is proposing to conduct scour critical repairs to the CO 115 Bridge over the Arkansas River, located at mile marker 11.4 just east of the city of Florence in Fremont County.

The project consists of constructing the following:

  • A new riprap guidebank along the southwest corner of the CO 115 Bridge along the Arkansas Riverbank to improve the alignment of the Arkansas River with the existing bridge structure. CDOT will acquire a small permanent easement from the city of Florence and the Florence River Park to maintain the guidebank.
  • New riprap along the existing bridge abutments and bridge piers to provide additional protection from scour.

The adjacent Florence River Park will be utilized for construction access and staging. Construction vehicles and equipment will enter the park at the west entrance and travel along a temporary construction access road to the staging area, allowing access to the southwest corner of the bridge.

Access to the temporary construction road and the southwest section of the Florence River Park will not be accessible to the public during construction. The existing 10-foot-wide trail through the Florence River Park will be slightly modified by relocating a short segment of the trail further to the west and will remain open to users.

See the CO 115 Arkansas River Bridge Access Plan for more information.

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