CO 145/US 160 Cortez, Dolores, Rico Heater Re-pave

Project Facts

  • Cost: $6.2 Million
  • Contractor: Oldcastle SW Group, Inc.
  • Timeline: March - October 2021
  • Location: CO Highway 145 (MP 8.9 - 13.2) through Dolores; CO 145 through Rico (MP 45.7 to 48);  US 160 south of Cortez (MP 34.4 to 37.55); US 160 on the east side of Cortez (MP 38.5 to 41.5)

About the Project:

The project includes a resurfacing method called heater repave treatment, which heats, mixes and recycles the top 1.5 inches of existing asphalt (laying it back down) and follows up with 1.5 inches of new asphalt. The work also involves planing the asphalt along the gutter edges and across the full roadway width along certain roadway segments to create a smoother driving surface. Some of the ADA* curb ramps will be removed and replaced through Cortez, Dolores and Rico, at a total of 16 intersections. (*Americans with Disabilities Act)

Work Schedule

  • The project begins in March with work on ADA ramp removal and reconstruction through all three towns, wrapping up mid-summer. 
  • The re-paving will follow this schedule, weather permitting and subject to change:
      • South Cortez - Starts April 26, lasting for at least 2 weeks
      • East Cortez - Starts May 10, lasting for 3 weeks
      • Dolores - Starts June 1, lasting for 3 weeks
      • Rico - Starts June 21, lasting for 2 weeks

    Traffic Impacts

    • While ADA ramp work is underway in these towns, there will likely be single-lane closures at the intersection under construction.
    • Pedestrians will encounter full-time sidewalk closures for a period of several days to a week, as necessary for ramp removal, reconstruction and concrete cure time. Access to businesses and residences will be maintained, but may be temporarily altered during construction at a given intersection.
    • On sections of highway where the heater repaving is underway, motorists are likely to encounter single-lane, alternating traffic with possible 15- to 20-minute delays, depending upon traffic volumes.
    • Work will be underway from 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Weekend work is possible, if necessary to expedite the project's completion. Speed limits will be lowered through work zones and double fines for traffic infractions will be enforced.
    • For updated lane closure information, including a bit more detail on the location of work, please see CDOT's traveler information site at  Use the Road Work link on the Interactive Map on home screen. (Please note, when you navigate to the actual map, you may find that you'll need to de-select all the right-side icons except for the Road Work cone icon, making it easier for you to locate the project work zone.)