Colorado Highway 7 Lower (Lyons to Raymond)

Work this Week
January 25, 2021

  • CO 7 is closed daily (Sunday - Saturday) from MP 23-29.5. Motorists can only travel through the area between 6-8 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. During these timeframes, pilot cars will lead alternating one-way travel.
  • During the closure, motorists need to take US 36 to CO 7.
  • Cycling is closed though the project area at all times.
  • CO 7 is closed to oversized vehicles at all times.
  • Crews will be working on rock scaling, drainage installation, highway reconstruction and hauling material this week.

CO 7 Lyons to Raymond Map

About the Project

In September 2013, flood waters saturated the mountainous terrain of Colorado Highway 7 (CO 7), causing numerous material slides, ditch damage and erosion to the roadway embankment. After eroding the highway embankment, the floods washed out the road in several places. Large amounts of debris, rock, and sediment were deposited in the creek and, as a result, redirected water flows – further contributing to the erosion of the channel banks and the undermining of the highway.

By November 2013, crews had completed extensive emergency repairs, including:

  • repairing full-width roadway losses;
  • repairing embankments;
  • removing sediment and debris;
  • replacing overtopped road sections
  • repairing shoulders;
  • regrading ditches; and
  • replacing damaged culverts.

Project Facts

  • Cost: TBD.
  • Contractor: Kiewit Infrastructure Company
  • Timeline: Construction is expected to begin in Fall 2021.
  • Location: Colorado Highway 7 between Lyons and Raymond.

To learn more about the specific scope planned as part of this project, please review this GIS map. This map contains geospatial data related to hydraulic, geomorphic, roadway, and geotechnical engineering services in the Colorado Highway 7 (Lower) canyon between MP 19 and 33. All information shown is preliminary.

Project Purpose - Permanent Repairs

The Colorado Highway 7 Project will provide longer-term improvements along Colorado Highway 7 between Lyons and Raymond. Pending funding availability, improvements may include: 

  • removing and replacing temporary asphalt placed during emergency repairs;
  • adding shoulders and rockfall ditches;
  • restoring ecological systems along the corridor;
  • re-establishing the creek channel while protecting its banks; and
  • establishing topsoil and vegetation in areas that were either damaged or disturbed by emergency repair work.


Construction began in Fall 2021 and the full closure will end on Memorial Day 2022. Following the full closure, construction will continue inside single-lane closures through November 2022.

Project Base Map

CO 7 Lower base map