Cottonwood Pass Concept Design | Eagle & Garfield Counties

About the Project:

CDOT is supporting Eagle and Garfield counties to design safety improvements on county roads that traverse Cottonwood Pass. Concept designs will be prepared with public input for safety improvements at 14 specific locations along the county roads that cross through both Eagle and Garfield counties (6 locations in Eagle County, 8 in Garfield County). These locations were defined by the counties based on known safety issues.

Although CDOT and both counties agree Cottonwood Pass is not an endorsed detour route for Interstate 70 traffic in the event of a Glenwood Canyon closure, Cottonwood Pass is a vital connection for local residents who rely on it to safely travel between Gypsum and Colorado Highway 82 in the Roaring Fork Valley.

This project will assess existing conditions and define concept level improvements. Potential site improvements include curve softening, improved sight distance and increased road width in specific areas to accommodate two vehicles passing. Overall widening and broad scale paving of the corridor is not planned or being considered.

With the information provided by this project, Eagle and Garfield counties will determine next steps for implementing improvements. Concept design is expected to be complete by early 2023. The counties will complete design and evaluate pursuing construction of improvements as funding becomes available in the future.

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Cottonwood Pass Concept Design Fact Sheet

Project Facts

  • Timeline: Began June 2022 and is planned to be complete in early 2023. More project schedule information below.
  • Location: This Cottonwood Pass Concept Design project is located within Eagle and Garfield counties.

Cottonwood Pass Project Location Map

The Cottonwood Pass Concept Design (Eagle and Garfield Counties) project began in June 2022 and is planned to be complete in early 2023. This project only involves taking the design to a conceptual (approximately 10%) level of completion. Funding for further design and construction has not yet been secured.

Cottonwood Pass Schedule revised
  • Right-of-Way Survey: June – Sept. 2022
  • Data Collection and Review (traffic and safety, geotechnical, environmental): July – Oct. 2022
  • Develop/Evaluate Initial Design Options: Aug. – Nov. 2022
  • Develop Design Concepts: Nov. 2022 – Jan. 2023
  • Prepare Concept Design Report: Dec. 2022 – Feb. 2023
  • Public and Agency Engagement: Throughout project