Denver Metro ADA Ramps Construction Phase 6

Project Facts

  • Cost: $1-5 Million
  • Contractor: WIldcat Construction
  • Timeline: June - November 2021
  • Location: US 6, CO 391, CO 83, CO 30 in Denver, Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties

About the Project:

The work consists of bringing existing curb ramps into compliance with Public Rights of Way Accessibility Guidelines, or PROWAG,** replacement of sidewalks, curbs, and gutters, median cover, landscaping, and striping, and placement of
pedestrian push buttons and pedestrian striping.

Curb ramps are intended to provide pedestrians access between the sidewalk and street with ease when a vertical change in elevation is present. For those with disabilities, curb edges can be hazardous and requirements are put in place to help prevent dangerous situations such as people falling out of wheelchairs, or while using a cane or walker.

Project locations include:

Jefferson County: 

US 6 (6th Ave) - MP 276.314 (Denver West Colorado Mills Boulevard) continuing west for 5.783 miles to MP 282.097 (Depew Street), including: Denver West, Colorado Mills Blvd., Depew St., Brentwood St., Elridge St., Coors St., Parfet St., Simms St., Oak St., Miller Ct., and N. Garrison St.

Arapahoe County: 

CO 30 (Havana St.) - MP 4.276 (Iliff Avenue) continuing north for 1.19 miles to approximately MP 5.466 (Wyoming Street) including: E Illiff Ave, Warren Ave., E Colorado Ave., E Florida Ave., E Idaho Pl., and E Wyoming St.

CO 83 (Parker Rd.), MP 72.963 (Jewell Circle) continuing northwest for 1.28 miles to approximately MP 74.243 (Ulster Street) including: E Jewell Ave., E Jewell Cir, Beeler St., E Colorado Dr., E Mexico Dr., E Hawaii Dr., E Florida Ave., S Valentia St., and S. Ulster St.

Denver County:

CO 391 (Kipling St.) MP 3.221 (Mississippi Avenue) continuing north for 1.038 miles to MP 4.259 (Alameda Avenue) at W Mississippi Ave., and W Alameda Ave

Work Schedule

Traffic Impacts

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