Little Thompson River Bridge Replacement on CO 60 and CO 257

Project Facts

  • Cost: $6 million
  • Contractor(s): Flatiron Constructors
  • Timeline: October 2017 - September 2018

Starting in mid-October 2017, crews began removing and replacing bridges over the Little Thompson River on Colorado Highway 60 and Colorado Highway 257. This permanent repair work is necessary following the 2013 flood. On Monday, July 2, crews oepened the CO 257 bridge over the Little Thompson River—about three months sooner than anticipated.

Work is expected to continue through September 2018.

Upcoming work includes:

  • Through mid-July: Crews will complete shoulder work and will install permanent signage delineators on CO 60 at the bridge over the river.
  • July: Crews will demolish the shoofly diversion structure. Expect minimal traffic impacts as equipment and trucks access the demolition site.
  • Mid-July, for about two weeks: Milling and paving will be completed on CO 60 east of CO 257, continuing east for approximately 1,600 feet.


This project will:

  • Improve the quality of the highway, providing better drivability for motorists;
  • Ensure safe travel over bridges;
  • Provide resiliency to roadway and bridges to sustain future storm events; and
  • Protect roadway embankment.

CO 60

CO 257


Normal working hours:
7 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday

Traffic Impacts

  • Construction will include removing and replacing both bridges, replacing pavement and restoring bank with native grass seed and mulch.
  • CO 257 Closed in late May for Bridge Replacement
    • Detour: West onto Weld County Road 52, south on Weld County Road 17, west onto Weld County Road 50, then south on Weld County Road 13 back to CO 60


CO 60

CO 60 is a main gateway to local agricultural activities, oil and gas development, and the Town of Milliken—to US 85 and I-25.

During the 2013 floods, Milliken and portions of Johnstown were completely isolated due to flood damage to CO 60 and other nearby roads. Flood waters overtopped CO 60 for about half a mile in and west of Milliken.

Among the damage to the CO 60 bridge that spans the Little Thompson River: erosion, embankment washout at the abutments, guardrail loss and minor damage to the channel banks. Due to the large amount of debris that collected downstream on the adjacent railroad bridge, the embankments in between the two bridges were eroded as well.

The bridge that spans the South Platte River three miles east of Milliken was overtopped, and the roadway itself was also overtopped for approximately 1,000 feet on the north end of the bridge. The north abutment of the bridge was eroded, and 10 feet of roadway pavement and embankment were washed out, exposing the bridge support piles. Large amounts of debris and sediment were deposited upstream and underneath the bridge.

Temporary Repairs

Crews reopened the highway on Sept. 21, 2013 after making the following repairs:

  • They repaired the roadway around the damaged abutments
  • They filled and repaired the exposed piling and concrete abutment structures.
  • They regraded and backfilled embankment slopes to on the south side of the roadway.
  • They replaced and repaired guardrail.

CO 257

CO 257 is a primary commuter access route between Greeley and the Milliken/Johnstown area, connecting CO 60 in Milliken and US 34 about 10 miles west of Greeley. In September 2013, floodwaters from the Little Thompson River overtopped the roadway in Milliken from the intersection with CO 60 north to where CO 257 crosses the main channel of the river.

The bridge there sustained significant damage to its abutments, and part of the roadway was washed out. Farther north, where CO 257 crosses the Big Thompson River, similar damage occurred to the bridge there as more than half a mile of roadway was overtopped.

Temporary Repairs

Crews reopened the highway on Sept. 29, 2013 after making the following repairs:

  • They repaired the roadway around the damaged abutments
  • They filled and repaired the exposed piling and concrete abutment structures.
  • They repaired the roadway embankments and reset damaged guardrail sections.
  • At the Little Thompson site, crews regraded and repaired the east roadway embankment and ditch.

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