US 36 Bridges at St. Vrain and Left Hand Creek

Project Facts

  • Budget: $10 million to $20 million
  • Contractor: American Civil Constructors

Project Update: May 2018

  • Expect a new traffic configuration starting in mid-May at Left Hand Creek, which will push traffic east as crews tie together the bridge and roadway.
  • Expect a rough riding surface for a couple of weeks as crews remove asphalt to prepare for paving south of the bridge. We discourage cyclists from taking this route as it presents a hazard.
  • Crews will begin creating more resilient banks and paving.
  • Other remaining work includes erosion-control measures under the bridge over St. Vrain, and asphalt removal and paving.
  • Should weather cooperate, travelers should have access to the new bridge in mid-June.

Traffic Impacts

  • Normal work hours: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Haul trucks will be entering/exiting the work zone and will prompt short traffic holds, if any.

Damage Overview

This section of US 36 is one of the main corridors providing access between Estes Park and Boulder crossing both the St. Vrain Creek and Left Hand Creek. Floodwaters caused extensive damage to these channels as well as the structures along US 36. Damage included large amounts of debris an sediment deposit, erosion of the roadway embankment, overtopping of the roadway, scour damage of the bridge piers and abutments, and exposing underground utilities. 



One of the goals in the repair process is to introduce certain betterments to roadway facilities that were damaged and make them more resilient to similar storm events in the future. Having analyzed the damage caused during the flood event, certain design elements will be incorporated in an effort to prevent or lessen the severe damage that significant flood events can cause. The permanent repair phase will allow for the betterment of drainage facilities and erosion protection areas throughout the corridor that can handle the high flows from large storm events and protect facilities from potential damage in the future.

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