Construction Begins in Phases, Starting on North End

Construction on this 18-mile road project will begin in phases. Dividing construction in this way allows construction to begin on one area while design is finalized on another, meaning the project could begin much earlier than anticipated.

  • North Section: between Plum Creek Parkway and Sky View Lane (Tomah Road).
  • South Section: is on the south end, between Monument and the Greenland Road exit.
  • Middle Section: between Greenland Road and Sky View Lane (Tomah Road)

Construction has started on the north end. Crews are preparing for construction on the south section, which is expected to ramp up in early 2019. By summer 2019, work will be occurring in all three packages.

The majority of construction is expected to be completed in late 2021, with tolling-system testing occurring until spring 2022.

Remember: All construction schedules in Colorado can be impacted by weather.

North Section Traffic Shifts

During construction on the northern end of the project—between Plum Creek Parkway and Sky View Lane—crews will shift traffic three times:

Traffic Shift No. 1

Crews have already shifted traffic to the outside shoulders to work on the I-25 median, where the new Express Lanes and wider shoulders will be built.

Traffic Shift No. 2

Then, traffic will move to the newly constructed area, so crews can work on the outside lanes. 

Traffic Shift No. 3

Finally, traffic will move back to the outside, so crews can place the final overlay and striping. 

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