Renaissance Festival

2022 Colorado Renaissance Festival 

Every Saturday & Sunday from June 18 through Aug. 7

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Hear ye, hear ye! M’ladies and m’lords traveling from kingdoms near and afar – knights of construction continue to improveth the infamous Interstate 25 from the land of Castle Rock to the village of Monument.

The infamous Interstate 25 will looketh different, with limited access to Larkspur. Taketh thy following routes to thy festival:

  • Headed to thy festival from Denver or Castle Rock? Useth the southbound I-25 off-ramp to Spruce Mountain Road (exit 173)
  • Headed to thy festival from Colorado Springs or Monument? Useth the northbound I-25 off-ramp to Upper Lake Gulch Road (exit 172)

As you bid thy festival farewell, expecteth to be escorted by constables, using either I-25 or CO 105, to avoideth long carriage backups.

Brave steeds and royal carriages shall heed thy posted speed limit. Jokers who get caught by constables exceeding the speed shall be pelted with tomatoes in the town square and punished with hefty fines.

Plan ye time! It may taketh 15 to 30 extra minutes to get to the festival in case of backed up carriages or jousting collisions in the realm. Knoweth what the knights of construction buildeth before you bid farewell on your journey.

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We thank thee for steadfast patience! Huzzah!

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