Public Involvement

About the Process

The Speer Boulevard and 23rd Avenue bridges and associated transportation system (interchanges, street network, etc.) exists to serve travelers, residents, businesses, organizations, schools, places of worship and more. Therefore, it’s important that the Speer and 23rd bridges project engage these community stakeholders.  

This page will be updated as the Project conducts meetings with the variety of stakeholders, posting links to meeting announcements, materials and documents.

Stakeholder Group

The stakeholder group is the project’s primary public involvement platform. The stakeholder group is made up representatives of Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNO), businesses, non-profits, walking and biking organizations, transit groups, schools and more. This group representatives will inform their networks of information on the Project and will bring input from their networks to the project.

Public Meetings

There will be two public meetings in the project to show community members concepts being developed and considered and solicit feedback from community members on the concepts.

Public Communications

Public communications will include e-notifications, surveys, project/task update fliers, the project webpage, press releases and more. Submit a question or comment online here.