vI-70 and US 6 Sign Structure Replacement and Removal Project

About the Project:

This project will replace (3) overhead sign structures on I-70 between the Kipling St & Wadsworth Blvd interchanges, with (5) cantilever overhead sign structures. One cantilever sign structure will have a special caisson design to attach it to the existing overhead sign structure's caisson.

This project will also replace overhead and ground-mounted Class III sign panels on I-70 between the I-76/Wadsworth and I-25 interchanges. There will be additional work at t US 6 MP 284.34 and CO 83 MP 28.46-39.53.

Work Schedule

  • To be determined

Traffic Impacts

  • To be determined

Project Facts

  • Cost: Between $1,217,455
  • Contractor: Kraemer North America
  • Timeline: May 2022 - April 2023
  • Location: I-70 between the Kipling St. & Wadsworth Blvd interchanges with additional work on US 6 and CO 83

I-70 Structure Replacement in Arvada project map