Air Quality

Dust Mitigation

During construction, crews reduce dust using the following methods:

  • Spraying unpaved roads and exposed dirt services by water trucks
  • Covering, wetting or compacting the disturbed soil
  • Adding a stabilization compound to the haul routes within construction limits
  • Providing stabilized exits for construction vehicles to prevent tracking dirt onto public streets
  • Using powered street sweepers
  • Covering dump trucks leaving the work zone to prevent dust and debris from blowing
  • Minimizing disturbed areas
  • Avoiding excavation work if wind speeds exceed 30 mph
  • Revegetating disturbed surfaces as soon as possible following completion of operations in that area

Air Quality

In addition to the Swansea Air Monitor (SAM) which was installed in 2017, there are four additional air quality monitors installed adjacent to the Project to monitor PM10 (dust) during construction. The monitors are set to send an alert to both the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Kiewit if PM10 levels start to rise. This allows the teams to identify the dust-causing operation and implement additional dust mitigation measures prior to the PM10 levels exceeding regulations. 

Where are these four air quality monitors located?
  • 46th Avenue and Vine Street (Blue)

  • Quebec Yard (Green)

  • I-225/I-70 (Red)

  • Josephine Street and 45th Avenue (Yellow)

How can I see the monitoring results?

  • Click here for hourly measurements at Swansea Elementary Air Quality Monitor (SAM).
  • SAM is one of many air quality monitors in the Denver-metro area and around the state. Click here for a map of the Denver-metro area sites.

The results provided by SAM, and all other monitors in Colorado, are compared against an Air Quality Index (AQI) developed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Click here for a current summary of the air quality index around the state. To see more on Denver, and specifically at SAM, click on [expand +] and scroll down to SWAN. Download the SAM fact sheet.

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