Community Commitments

As part of the federally-approved Record of Decision, CDOT made a series of community commitments that must be delivered as part of the Project. Many of these nearly 150 community commitments are without precedent in Colorado; never having been provided as part of a major infrastructure project. Some of these commitments must be in place before construction starts while others include measures that are part of the construction process (controlling dust and placing construction staging areas away from residential areas). Community Commitments Fact Sheet.

Highway Park

Construct a 4-acre park over the highway including features selected by the community. Estimated completion - spring 2023.

Jobs & Training

Ensure job opportunities for residents through a 20 percent local (geographic-based) hiring requirement. This requirement is in the contract.

Download the fact sheet.

Require on-the-job training to provide opportunities for workers to advance to high-skill positions during the construction period. This requirement is in the contract.

Leverage a $400,000 grant to support workforce development, on-the-job training and safety, pre-apprenticeship and basic skills training courses in the Denver metro area. The neighborhood training center opened in July 2017 and the WORKNOW Program launched in March 2018.

Learn more about job opportunities.

Swansea Elementary Improvements

Build two new classrooms. Classrooms were completed in August 2017.

Provide a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and new doors and windows. HVAC system was installed in August 2017.

Construct a new playground and multi-purpose field for the school. The final design is underway. Estimated completion - December 2022.

Home Improvements

Provide interior storm windows and air conditioning units, plus financial assistance for utility costs to residents between 45th and 47th avenues and Brighton to Colorado boulevards to help mitigate dust and noise during construction.

Home improvements were completed for more than 260 homes by the end of 2019.

Air Quality

Require the use of clean, low emitting construction equipment. This requirement is in the contract.

Partner with state and local environmental agencies to install an air quality monitoring station at Swansea Elementary School to monitor air quality levels before, during and after construction. Air quality monitor was installed in April 2017 and monitoring will continue through and after construction.

Air Quality Fact Sheet

Affordable Housing

Provide $2 million to support affordable housing in Elyria and Swansea. Proposals for the Notice of Funding availability were received on May 21, 2018. On July 30, 2018, CDOT awarded a $2 million grant to the Globeville, Elyria-Swansea (GES) Affordable Housing Collaborative.

Read the press release here.

Community & Commuter access

Ensure resident access to schools, homes and businesses throughout the construction period. This requirement is in the contract.
Provide incentives for carpooling and transit use to reduce traffic during construction.

CDOT has hired Northeast Transportation Connections to provide this service.

Ensure north/south connectivity across I-70 during and after construction and provide safe access for pedestrians and cyclists. The construction requirement is in the contract.

Fresh Food Access

Provide $100,000 to help increase access to fresh food through an agreement with Denver.

Assist Displaced Residents

Ensure all renters and homeowners displaced by the Project receive all benefits and compensation as required by the Federal Uniform Act.

Provide residents displaced by construction with financial counseling and potential access to financing through the Community Resources and Housing Development Corporation.