Environmental Protections During Construction


The Central 70 team closely monitors the conditions of soil and water throughout the Project. Learn more about collection, testing, treatment and disposal of any contaminants.


The Central 70 team is committed to being a good neighbor by closely monitoring construction noise levels. Learn more about noise and vibration and how it’s monitored.

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The Central 70 team is committed to “clean” construction throughout the duration of the Project, not just by mitigating dust and noise, but also by monitoring air quality. Learn the details!  

Environmental Sampling of I-70 Viaduct

Prior to awarding the Project, CDOT conducted an environmental sampling of the viaduct. Based on their sampling, no lead paint was identified. Kiewit Meridiam Partners (KMP) completed a second and more thorough inspection and sampling of the viaduct in December 2020. The results of those reports can be found here

Listed below are the CDOT lead sampling results from the viaduct, KMP’s Health and Safety Plan specific to the management of structures with lead and heavy metal paint as well as a document highlighting the environmental sampling and abatement process as it pertains to demolition. If any of our supplemental sampling of the viaduct identifies the presence of lead paint, we will review and further develop an abatement plan specific to the identified location and operation.