Progress on the Project

Construction started in August 2018, since then crews have been working in every segment along the 10-mile Project corridor. See below for more information as of July 22, 2020.



  • Demolished portion of the I-70 viaduct above Brighton Boulevard
  • Reconstructed southbound lanes of Brighton under I-70
  • Demolished old Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) bridge
  • Removed York Street on-ramp to westbound I-70
  • Constructed Columbine and Clayton bridges in summer 2019
  • Constructed Josephine, Fillmore and Monroe bridges in summer 2019 – summer 2020
  • BNSF Bridge constructed
  • 46th North Avenue constructed between Colorado Boulevard and Steele Street
  • Opened new ramp access to eastbound I-70 from southbound Colorado Boulevard, removed loop ramp
  • Constructed a portion of the new Colorado Boulevard Bridge above I-70
  • Demolished portions of the old Colorado Boulevard Bridge above I-70
  • Installed and relocated utilities along Stapleton Drive
  • Demolished portions of the I-70 bridges over Dahlia, Holly and Monaco in preparation for widening
  • Rebuilt Stapleton North and South Drive intersections at Dahlia Street
  • Rebuilt Stapleton South Drive intersection at Holly Street
  • Rebuilt Stapleton South Drive intersection at Monaco Street
  • Relocated Holly Street on-ramps to westbound and eastbound I-70 to their permanent locations
  • Set girders on I-70 bridge above Dahlia and Holly streets
  • Set girders on I-70 bridge above DRIR
  • Completed Stapleton Drive North between Holly and Dahlia
  • Built I-270 flyover bridge
  • Demolished old I-270 flyover
  • Widened and shifted I-70 traffic to new pavement
  • Demolished the I-70 bridge over Peoria and built a new bridge
  • Median barriers installed
  • Sign structures installed


  • Construction of the Brighton Boulevard interchange
  • Closure of 46th Avenue from Brighton Boulevard to York Street — necessary for UPRR bridgework
  • Construction of a portion of the new Union Pacific Railroad bridge adjacent to the old structure 
  • Construction of the pump station
  • Installation of structural columns in lowered section
  • Cover Park construction
  • Cook Street Bridge construction
  • Extensive utility relocations along 46th Avenue
  • Construction of Colorado Boulevard Bridge
  • Closure of Dahlia and Monaco streets to construct overhead bridges on I-70
  • Utility installations and relocations
  • Widening I-70
  • DRIR Bridge construction
  • Reconstruction of Quebec Street interchange


  • Constructing the UPRR Bridge
  • Construct York and Cook street bridges
  • Demolish remaining old Colorado Boulevard Bridge
  • Build remaining portion of the Colorado Boulevard bridge 
  • Constructing the I-70 bridges over Dahlia, Holly and Monaco
  • Relocating Stapleton Drive utilities
  • Widening I-70 between Colorado Boulevard and Quebec Street
  • Shifting Stapleton Drive out between Colorado Boulevard and Quebec Street
  • Build widened portions of I-70 bridge above Quebec Street


  • 146 of the 148 identified Record of Decision
    mitigation measures are in progress or completed
  • 123 of the 133 anticipated parcels have been
  • 129 of the 369 utility conflicts have been resolved
    (relocated or determined non-conflicts)
  • Nearly 730,000 cubic yards of dirt have been
    excavated preparing for the future lowered highwayThe Project bilingual Community Liaison continues
    to host up to two virtual outreach ‘office hours’ each Tuesday and Thursday via Zoom as well as ongoing coordination with local partners and organizations
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