Progress on the Project

Updated January 2020.

Construction started in August 2018, since then crews have been working in every segment along the 10-mile Project corridor. Two planned full weekend closures have already occurred, which has helped the schedule significantly. 


  • Removed York Street on-ramp to westbound I-70
  • Constructed Columbine and Clayton bridges in
    summer 2019
  • Opened new ramp access to eastbound I-70 from
    southbound Colorado Boulevard, removed loop ramp
  • Set girders at Colorado Boulevard bridge, which is
    being widened to the west 
  • Installed and relocated utilities along Stapleton Drive
  • Demolished portions of the I-70 bridges over Dahlia
    and Holly in preparation for widening
  • Completed Stapleton Drive North between Holly and Dahlia
  • Demolished old I-270 flyover
  • Widened and shifted I-70 traffic to new pavement
  • Constructed outer portions of I-70 bridge over
    Peoria Street
  • Demolished inner portions of I-70 bridge over
    Peoria Street


  • Construction of the Brighton Boulevard interchange 
  • Closure of 46th Avenue from Brighton Boulevard to York Street — necessary for UPRR bridgework 
  • Construction of temporary railroad bridges adjacent to the old structure 
  • Construction of the pump drainage system 
  • Installation of structural columns in lowered section 
  • Extensive utility relocations along 46th Avenue 
  • Construction of Josephine, Fillmore, Steele and Monroe bridges 
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) bridge construction 
  • Construction of Colorado Boulevard bridge 
  • Closure of Holly, Dahlia and/or Monaco streets to construct overhead bridges on I-70 
  • Utility work and widening 
  • Widening and construction of roadway and bridges 
  • Installation of median barriers 
  • Installation of sign structures 
  • Paving of roadways 


  • Constructing the UPRR Bridge
  • Finish building Monroe, Steele, Fillmore, Josephine
    and Colorado Boulevard bridges
  • Constructing the I-70 bridges over Dahlia, Holly
    and Monaco streets
  • Rebuilding Dahlia, Holly and Monaco intersections at
    Stapleton Drive North and South
  • Relocating Stapleton Drive utilities
  • Widening I-70 between Colorado Boulevard and Quebec Street
  • Shifting Stapleton Drive out between Colorado Boulevard and Quebec Street
  • Completing the East Segment (construct the inner portion of the I-70 bridge over Peoria Street and put I-70 in its final alignment)


  • 146 of the 148 identified Record of Decision
    mitigation measures are in progress or completed
  • 123 of the 133 anticipated parcels have been
  • 129 of the 369 utility conflicts have been resolved
    (relocated or determined non-conflicts)
  • Nearly 730,000 cubic yards of dirt have been
    excavated preparing for the future lowered highway
  • The Project bilingual Community Liaison continues
    to host up to three outreach ‘office hours’ each week at various locations along the corridor and attends fairs and festivals in the community


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