Progress on the Project

Construction started in August 2018, since then crews have been working in every segment along the 10-mile Project corridor. See below for more information.



  • Demolished portion of the I-70 viaduct above Brighton Boulevard
  • Reconstructed southbound lanes of Brighton under I-70
  • Demolished old Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) bridge
  • Removed westbound I-70 off-ramp to Steele/Vasquez
  • Constructed York, Josephine, Columbine,  Clayton, Fillmore, Steele and Monroe street bridges 
  • Constructed BNSF railroad bridge 
  • 46th North Avenue constructed between Colorado Boulevard and York Street
  • Constructed I-70 westbound lowered section 
  • Switched I-70 traffic to outer lanes
  • Constructed inner lanes of I-70
  • Opened new ramp access to eastbound I-70 from southbound Colorado Boulevard, removed loop ramp
  • Installed and relocated utilities along Stapleton Drive
  • Demolished the bridges at Colorado, Dahlia, Holly and Monaco streets and DRIR railroad
  • Rebuilt Stapleton North and South Drive intersections at Dahlia, Holly and Monaco streets
  • Relocated Holly Street on- and off-ramps to westbound and eastbound I-70 to their permanent locations
  • Constructed outer I-70 bridges over Dahlia, Holly and Monaco streets and DRIR railroad
  • Completed Stapleton Drive North between Holly and Dahlia
  • Built I-270 flyover bridge
  • Widened and shifted I-70 traffic to new pavement
  • Demolished the I-70 bridge over Peoria and built a new interchange
  • Installed median barriers and sign structures


  • Viaduct demolition
  • Construction of the Brighton Boulevard interchange
  • Construction of the Union Pacific Railroad bridge 
  • Construction of the pump station
  • Construction of the cover and 4-acre park
  • Cook Street bridge construction
  • Construction of the new 46th Avenue from York Street to Brighton Boulevard
  • Construction of eastbound I-70 off-ramp to Steele Street
  • Construction of Colorado Boulevard ramps to I-70
  • Construction of Dahlia and Monaco streets under I-70
  • Final paving of Stapleton North and South drives
  • DRIR bridge construction
  • Reconstruction of Quebec Street interchange
  • Paving inside lanes of I-70


  • Move I-70 into final alignment in center segment
  • Reconstruction of York Street from 48th to 47th avenues
  • Installation of south caisson wall for future eastbound lanes
  • Construction of 46th Avenue
  • Construction of future I-70 eastbound lanes in lowered section


  • 146 of the 148 identified Record of Decision
    mitigation measures are in progress or completed
  • 126 of the 133 anticipated parcels have been
  • 240 of the 478 utility conflicts have been resolved
    (relocated or determined non-conflicts)
  • Nearly 2.1 million cubic yards of dirt have been
    excavated preparing for the future lowered highway
  • The Project bilingual Community Liaison continues to host virtual outreach ‘office hours’ each Tuesday as well as ongoing coordination with local partners and organizations