Construction Assessments

Project Construction Assessments Overview

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has implemented an oversight assessment program that facilitates acceptance of the Central 70 Project. These assessments serve as the basis to verify and validate that Kiewit Meridiam Partners’ (KMP) quality program and documentation are sufficient to accept the Project work. KMP is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of an effective quality program to manage, control, document and ensure their work complies with all obligations of the requirements in the contract. CDOT’s quality oversight program will evaluate a percentage of all the components of work required by the contract to monitor that KMP’s work is meeting requirements. The link below contains assessments from the Project that have been completed by CDOT.

Assessment Result Definitions:
NC1 – Nonconforming work that represents an immediate or imminent health or safety hazard, nuisance or other similar immediate or imminent risk to users or workers or an immediate or imminent risk of structural failure, damage to a third party’s property or equipment or damage to the environment
NC2 – Any other nonconforming work that does not fit the definition of a NC1
Conformance – Work found to meet contract requirements
Audit Comment – Used when the assessment of work has generated additional questions that need to be responded to in order to determine if it is conforming or nonconforming work. Audit comments are also used when the Department determines that KMP can improve their work processes and/or product, but it is unable to definitively classify the work as nonconforming at that time.