Organizations and Team Members List

List is alphabetical by last name

Name Organization
Aden, Doug Transportation Commissioner
Aldridge, John Independence Institute
Allen, Weldon CDOT
Anderson, Todd Xcel Energy
Andree, Bill Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW)
Armstrong, Selena Colorado Association of Realtors Government Affairs
Astle, Bill Jefferson County
Baca, Rich John Salazar’s Office
Baker, Matt Environment Colorado Executive Director
Ballah, Art Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA)
Barry, David Intrawest Executive Vice-President and COO
Barry, Heather Transportation Commissioner
Bartlett, Dick Canyon Area Resident for the Environment (CARE)
Batchelder, Kevin Town of Silverthorne Town Manager
Beal, Marjory League of Women Voters - Colorado President
Becker, Matt
Beckhouse, Dave US Dept of Transportation - Federal Transportation Administration (FTA)
Behrens, Lee Town of Georgetown Trustee
Bennhoff, Tom Town of Georgetown Mayor
Bestor, Mike City of Golden City Manager
Binder, Terri Club 20
Blankenship, Dan Technical Advisory Committee
Boyle, Stephen Copper Mountain Fire Department
Brooks, Larry Town of Avon Town Manager
Brown, Alex UBS
Brown, Reeves Club 20 President
Bruce, Linda US Dept of Transportation - Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Burroughs, Dan Town of Dillon Town Engineer
Caldera, John Independence Institute President
Calhoun, John Town of Silver Plume Trustee
Carey, Tim US Army Corps of Engineers (COE)
Carlson, Jill Colorado Geological Survey
Casamassa, Glenn US Forest Service (USFS) Forest Supervisor
Cassidy, Sarah Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Director Public Affairs
Cerimele, Chris Town of Minturn
Cook, Steve DRCOG
Corson, Dan Colorado Historical Society
Cutting, Shaun Federal Highway Administration
Dale, Harry Clear Creek County County Commissioner
Davis, Barbara Town of Dillon Mayor
Deans Michael, Alison US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)
Demmy Bidwell, Ryan Colorado Wild Executive Director
Dempsey, Don Colorado Intermountain Fixed Guideway Authority (CIFGA): FORMER ORG. Former Representative
DeWalt, Reid Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW) Area Wildlife Officer, Area 1
DiGiorgio, Monique Southern Rocky Eco System
Dingman, Jake Clear Creek School District
Dong, Leland CDOT
Durbin, Jeff Town of Fraser Town Manager
Durham, Peggy The Evergreen Naturalists Audubon Society President
Eggelston, Fred XCEL Energy
Elliott, Bud City of Leadville Mayor
Elsen, Joe CDOT
Erickson, David Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District
Erickson, Jeanne Transportation Commissioner
Esty, Jon Colorado Rail Passenger Association President
Farris, Dorothea Pitkin County County Commissioner
Finch, Janice City and County of Denver
Fischaber, Pamela Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
Fisher, Tom Technical Advisory Committee
French, Bob Summit County Commissioner
Frey, Gary Colorado Trout Unlimited Transportation Coordinator
Fulton, Greg Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA) President
Gagen, Tim Town of Breckenridge Town Manager
Ganz, Beth Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA)
Gart, John The Gart Companies
Gass, Alan American Institute of Architects - Denver
Geller, Julie Colorado Forum
Gerdes, Ben Eagle County
Glenn, Angela US Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Gosiorowski, Tom Town of Eagle Engineer
Graham, Donna US Forest Service (USFS
Graham, Gary Audubon Colorado Executive Director
Granbery, Devin Town of Dillon
Green, Butch Frisco Sanitation District
Grossman, Dan Environmental Defense Regional Director
Gruen, Les Transportation Commissioner
Grunig, Dan Bicycle Colorado Executive Director
Guevara, Bernie
Gustafson, Maribeth US Forest Service (USFS) Forest Supervisor
Hall, Greg Town of Vail Public Works Director
Hammer, Millie Summit School District
Hartman, Dick Railroads
Hartman, Kathy Jefferson County Commissioner
Hedges, Carol Technical Advisory Committee
Hicks, R.J
Hoftiezer, Scott
Hollis, Dave RTD
Hornback, Steve Town of Montezuma Mayor
Houpt, Trési Garfield County Commissioner
Hubbard Laird, Alice New Century Transportation Foundation Director
Hutton, Pam
Jantzen, Ray Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
Jarman, Fred Garfield County Planning
Jensen, Bill Vail Resort Co-President Mountain Resorts
Johnson, Kristofer Design Workshop
Johnson, Michael Technical Advisory Committee
Jones, Elise Colorado Environmental Coalition Executive Director
Jones, Jay Colorado Rail Passenger Assn.
Jones, John Summit Stage Director
Kareus, Trudy Ken Salazar’s Office
Kaufman, Bill Transportation Commissioner
Kaurse, Carol US Forest Service (USFS)
Kerns, Will Jefferson County Highways and Transportation
Killin, Kimbra Transportation Commissioner
Kirkpatrick, Susan Dept of Local Affairs
Klapper, Gale Colorado Forum
Knitsch, Julie; Restore the Rockies
Knutson, Karen League of Women Voters - Colorado
Kozinski, Peter CDOT Region 3
Krawzoff, George City of Steamboat Springs Transportation Commissioner
Kruse, Carol US Forest Service (USFS)
Krutsinger, David RTD Denver
Kullman, Jeff CDOT Region 1
Laird, Alice Town of Carbondale Trustee
Lane, C.A. Intrawest Colorado
Lebow, Deborah US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Leidal, Mark Town of Silverthorne Planning
Lewis, Jim Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Project Manager
Li, Michelle CDOT Region 1
Linfield, Bill Town of Silverthorne Public Works Department
Litz, John PLAN JeffCo
Loevlie, Mary Jane City of Idaho Springs Local Historic Representative
Lunbery, Dennis City of Idaho Springs Mayor
Lyssy, Fred Town of Silver Plume Mayor
Machado, Lucia Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Macy, Bill
Martens, Ann Town of Gypsum Public Works Director
Martin, John Garfield County Commissioner
Matthai, Wayne Canyon Area Resident for the Environment CARE) President
McCrary, Paige Livable Communities Support Center Program Director
McDonald, Kelli Vail Valley Tourism Bureau VP, Marketing
McGowan, Karen Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
McKnight, Greg Transportation Commissioner
McNulty, Kimberly Colorado Tourism Office: Office of Econ. Dev. & Int'l Trade
Medina, Rob Citizens Involved in the NW Quadrant President
Melcher, Albert Sierra Club - Rocky Mountain Chapter
Merritt, Dave City of Glenwood Springs Council member
Mertus Munyon, Barbara Snake River Water District
Mezei, Nick US Army Corps of Engineers (COE)
Mills, Melanie Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA)
Moody, Donna Clear Creek Planning Commission Chairman
Moore, Bob Bicycle Colorado
Nance, Rachel Colorado Association of Realtors Government Affairs
Navas, Sybyll Colorado Water Quality Control Commission (CWQCC)
Neely, Cindy Town of Georgetown Local Historic Representative
Neubecker, Ken Colorado Trout Unlimited
Nicholson, Jeanne Gilpin County Commissioner
Nicol, David Federal Highway Administration
Noe, David Colorado Geological Survey
Noll, Thad Summit County
Nottingham, C.C. Eagle County Citizen Representative
O'Dea, Joe Technical Advisory Committee
Olsgard, Patti Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA) Safety Officer
O'Malley, Kevin Clear Creek County Commissioner
Onofrio, Phil Eagle School District
Opperman, Yates CDOT
Ostendorf, Jody U.S. EPA Region 8 NEPA Program
Pallante, Amy Colorado Historical Society
Palmberg, Britt Design Workshop, Inc
Parker, Steve Transportation Commissioner
Pate, Bonie Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)
Pavlik, Monica Federal Highway Administration
Penny, Michael Town of Frisco Town Manager
Perkins, Terry Town of Breckenridge
Perry, Jeff West Grand School District
Petersburg, Ty Colorado Division of Wildlife
Petersen, Tony Gilpin County Community Dev. Director
Pettet, Brian Pitkin County Public Works Director
Pfister, Al US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Assistant Colorado Field Supervisor
Phelps, James Town of Breckenridge
Pinkerton, Brian CDOT Region 1
Pollock, Josh Center for Native Ecosystems Conservation Director
Powell, William "Willy" Town of Eagle Town Manager
Raitano, Flo Technical Advisory Committee
Rajewski, Anne Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA) Director of Communications
Ramsey, Michael US Dept of Transportation - Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Chief Inspector
Richards, Rachel Pitkin County Commissioner
Roeber, Erich US Forest Service (USFS)
Rollenhagen, Fred Clear Creek County Planning Director
Ruchman, David Transit West Vice-President
Rudy, Steve DRCOG
Runyon, Peter Eagle County Commissioner
Salli, Chad Town of Vail
Sares, Matthew Colorado Geological Survey
Scheuerman, Bill CDOT Region 1
Scheuernstuhl, George Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
Schwartz, Rob Copper Mountain Resort
Seaman, Jep Colorado Highway Users Conference
Severson, Gary I-70 Coalition
Severson, Gary Northwest COG
Shaw, Roseanne Town of Silverthorne
Smith, Steve XCEL Energy
Smith, Tammie CDOT
Smith, Wiley Town of Minturn Planning Director
Sobanet, Henry Transportation Commissioner
Sorenson, Jo Ann Clear Creek County
Spies, Michael Town of Empire Trustee
Spuhler, Bob Mountain College
St. George, Brian US Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Stauffer, Jack Clear Creek Planning Commission - formerly Former Representative
Stearns, Chuck Town of Georgetown Town Administrator
Stegman, Stacey CDOT
Steinke, Amy Intrawest
Stiegelmeier, Karn Blue River Group, Sierra Club
Strong, Paul Colorado Association of Ski Towns
Thomas, Stephanie Mountains to Plains Authority
Trotter, Catherine Town of Fraser Planner
Turner, Eric Summit Chamber of Commerce President
Twitty, Eric
Urban, Melinda Federal Highway Administration
Vidal, Bill City and County of Denver
Ward, Tamra Technical Advisory Committee
Wilken, Elena Colorado Association of Transit Authority (CASTA) Executive Director
Wilson, Bob Colorado Rail Passenger Association Vice President
Wilson, Eva Eagle County County Engineer
Wilson, Jamie Town of Vail Communications Manager
Wilson, Robert CDOT
Wisor, Dee Technical Advisory Committee
Wolfe, Ron Town of Avon Mayor
Young, Doug Representative – Mark Udall
Zebauers, Valdis "Zeke" Jefferson County Highways & Transportation
Zemler, Stan Town of Vail Town Manager
Zimmerman, Michelle Southern Rocky Ecosystem
Zurbriggen, Bernie Town of Frisco Mayor