Context Sensitive Solutions on the I-70 Mountain Corridor

Founded on a set of principles outlined in the context statement and core values, the I-70 Mountain Corridor Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process brings together a multi-disciplined, multi-interest stakeholder group tasked with providing guidance for future studies, designs, and construction projects to ensure that stakeholder values, such as preserving and maintaining scenic and environmental integrity, are incorporated into the project decision making process. For more information on the CSS process, including CSS teams and roles, decision making, and amending the process, check out the information tabs below. 

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Context-Sensitive Solution Team Roles and Responsibility Graphic PDF

What is a Context Statement?

A context statement seeks to capture in words the special qualities and attributes that define a place as unique. A context statement should capture in words that which was true fifty years ago and that which must be considered during the development of improvements in order to sustain truth in those same words for fifty years to come.

"The I-70 Mountain Corridor is a magnificent, scenic place. Human elements are woven through breathtaking natural features. The integration of these diverse elements has occurred over the course of time. This corridor is a recreational destination for the world, a route for interstate and local commerce, and a unique place to live. It is our commitment to seek balance and provide for twenty-first-century uses. We will continue to foster and nurture new ideas to address the challenges we face. We respect the importance of individual communities, the natural environment, and the need for safe and efficient travel. Well-thought-out choices create a sustainable legacy".