I-76 York to Dahlia Bridge Reconstruction

About the Project:

The project will replace the aging I-76 bridges over York Street and reconstruct much of the driving surface on I-76 from York to Dahlia streets in Adams County. 

Built in 1967, the I-76 bridges are deteriorating, requiring multiple repairs. They need to be permanently replaced for the long-term safety of the traveling public. Other roadway improvements, such as new pavement, will greatly improve the driving surface.

I-76 bridges over York Street in Adams County that will be replaced due to aging conditions.I-76 bridges over York Street in Adams County that will be replaced due to aging conditions

Work this Week and Lane Closures
I-76 York to Dahlia Bridge

Project Facts

  • Cost: $25,426,004
  • Contractor:  Flatiron Corporation
  • Timeline: May 2022 - September 2024
  • Location: I-76 east of South Platte River from York to Dahlia streets in Adams County

How will the project be delivered? 

I-76 bridge replacement over York Street: There are currently two I-76 bridges over York Street, one going eastbound and the other westbound. These aging bridges are narrow with a gap in between. The project will replace these two separate bridges with one combined and stronger structure. The new bridge will remain as two lanes in each direction with wider shoulders, making for a safer and more resilient structure. A barrier will be installed in the median to reduce glare from traffic lights at night.

Westbound I-76 auxiliary lane: An auxiliary lane will be added on westbound I-76 from 74th Avenue to the I-270 off ramp. This auxiliary lane will improve the safety of traffic needing to merge in and out of westbound I-76 from 74th Avenue and the I-270 off ramp, easing bottleneck issues.

74th Avenue ramps reconstruction: The driving surface will be rebuilt on the 74th Avenue ramps connecting to I-76. This work, in conjunction with the auxiliary lane on westbound I-76, will improve safety for traffic when merging into and out of westbound I-76 from 74th Avenue and at the I-270 off ramp, along with easing bottleneck issues.

Pavement reconstruction: Most of the pavement will be reconstructed on I-76 from York to Dahlia streets.

Traffic Impacts

  • Beginning in June 2022, motorists should watch for traffic shifts on the I-76 bridge over York Street as crews start bridge workI-76 Westbound from I-270 to Dahlia (MP 7.0-8.9)-Alternating Lane closures from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
  • Two lanes of travel will be maintained in each direction during the daytime and high-peak travel hours, but travel lanes will be narrow. Work will take place behind concrete barriers during the weekdays.
  • Single lane closures in each direction may occur from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sunday – Thursday. 
  • Later in the fall of 2022, there will be short-term overnight full closures of I-76 (either eastbound or westbound, but not both directions) from I-270 to 88th Avenue to install overhead signs and set girders, or bridge supports. These would be three one-night closures. During these closures, York Street will be closed from 66th Avenue to East 74th Avenue to allow for girder erection, bridge demolition and deck pours.
  • It’s extremely important that motorists pay attention and heed the speed limit in this tight construction zone for the safety of crews and motorists.