CDOT Retaining Wall Improvements in Jefferson County

About the Project:

This project will create both structural and aesthetic improvements to retaining walls adjacent to several roadway locations in Jefferson County. Work includes construction of a soil nail wall and sculpted concrete adjacent to I-70 Westbound at Mile Point (MP) 257, soil nail wall with sculpted concrete adjacent to CO 74 Westbound at MP 14, both a soil nail wall and new guardrail installation adjacent to US 285 Northbound at MP 247 and finally a soil nail wall and new concrete facing on C 470 Westbound at MP 14.5.

Project Benefits

  • This project will improve both the safety of the roadways and the adjacent property as well as improve aesthetics of the retaining wall structures.
  • The replacement of, and additional installation of guardrail on US 285 will improve safety along this segment of roadway.
  • The improvements will be structural in nature to mitigate future impact to the driving surface and will also be finished to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Work Schedule:

  • Work will last approximately 3.5 month
  • Working hours will vary by location, with CO 74 & C-470 occurring between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., nightly work on I-70, and 9am to 9pm on US 285

Traffic Impacts:

  • Narrowed lanes and shoulder closures
  • Nightly Lane closures on I-70 Westbound outside of commute timeframes
  • Single lane closure on US 285 North outside of morning commute timeframes
  • 4 Week Closure of the C-470 Trail and Columbine Trail where they meets just north of C-470, near the intersection of South Wadsworth Blvd. and C-470
  • Refer to for real-time travel conditions and road closures

Work this Week & Lane Closures
I-70 Westbound, Golden

Work this Week & Lane Closures
CO 74 Westbound, Idledale

Work this Week & Lane Closures
US 285 Northbound, Morrison

Work this Week & Lane Closures
C-470 Westbound, Littleton

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $2.9 Million
  • Contractor:  Harrison Western Construction Corporation
  • Timeline: June through December 2023
  • Location: I-70 
    • Nearest Town/City: Golden
    • Mile Point(s): 257
    • County: Jefferson 
  • Location: CO-74 Westbound
    • Nearest Town/City: Idledale
    • Mile Point(s): 14
  • Location: US 285 Eastbound
    • Nearest Town/City: Morrison
    • Mile Point(s): 247
    • County:  Jefferson
  • Location: C-470 Westbound
    • Nearest Town/City: Littleton
    • Mile Point(s): 14.5
    • County: Jefferson
CDOT Jefferson County Wall Repair Project Locations
CDOT Jefferson County Wall Repair Project Locations