According to the Colorado State Demography Office, the population of Larimer County—currently 316,000 residents—is expected to increase by 52 percent by 2040. Similarly, Weld County's population of 268,400 residents is expected to increase by 111 percent by 2040. CDOT forecasts that this population growth will increase the number of vehicles making daily trips along the I-25 corridor by 60 percent in 2040.

To provide the same, or better, quality of life and economic vitality for the future, improvements are needed on I-25.

CDOT is designing the I-25 North corridor in segments and phases, according to the 2011 Final Environmental Impact Statement, which analyzed potential transportation solutions along the corridor between Fort Collins/Wellington and downtown Denver, as well as along US 85 and US 287.

There are currently Express Lanes along I-25 between downtown Denver and 120th Avenue in Northglenn. CDOT is currently extending the Express Lanes that end at 120th Avenue to E-470/Northwest Parkway.