Express Lanes

What are Express Lanes?

  • Express Lanes provide travelers with more reliable, predictable travel times. Anyone can use Express Lanes. A solo driver in a passenger vehicle can use an Express Lane by paying a toll. A traveler can choose to travel for free on a motorcycle or as a driver with two or more passengers.
  • The addition of an Express Lane on the I-25 corridor does not mean that existing general purpose lanes will be tolled. The existing general purpose lanes are currently free to use and will continue to be free to use.


  • Reduce delay on Colorado's most seriously congested corridors
  • Use toll pricing to manage congestion
  • Maintain reliable travel times now and in the future
  • Promote transit and carpooling

Toll Pricing:

  • Express Lanes help manage traffic congestion, and toll rates will vary by time of day to provide reliable travel times.
  • Toll rates have not yet been set. The toll rates and any rate changes will be approved by CDOT's High Performance Transportation Enterprise.