Study Overview

The Town of Carbondale, Region 3 of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and Garfield County have identified a need to improve future traffic operations on SH 133 by developing an access control plan (ACP) within Carbondale limits, which is from just south of SH 82 to the Roaring Fork High School.  Click here for a link to a map of the study area.

The purpose of the ACP is to determine what intersections and driveways (access points) will be allowed within the study area now and in the future, where they will be located, and what kinds of traffic movements will be allowed at each one. The ACP will include data collection and analysis, as well as public involvement and outreach to ensure the ACP reflects the needs of commuters, residents, businesses, and pedestrians.

Once the ACP is complete it will be presented to area agencies. If they find the plan satisfactory they will sign an Intergovernmental Agreement and adopt the plan, which will make it a legally binding document.

The SH 133 Carbondale ACP represents a long-range plan. Currently there are no planned state or federal projects or identified funding for improvements to SH 133 that will significantly change access. Implementation of the SH 133 Carbondale ACP will occur over time based on traffic and safety needs, available funding, and redevelopment.

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Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Larry Ballenger
Director of Public Works
511 Colorado Avenue
Carbondale CO 81623
[email protected]


Dan Roussin
Permit Unit Manager
Colorado Department of Transportation, Region 3
222 South 6th Street, Room 100
Grand Junction, CO 81501
[email protected]
office: 970.683.6284


Anna Ericson, P.E. 
Project Consultant
4601 DTC Boulevard, Suite 700
Denver, CO 80237
[email protected]


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