Stencil Project in Teller & El Paso Counties

About the Project:

This project will focus on the removal and replacement of painted roadway symbols at various intersections (on and off ramps), crosswalks and turn pockets (lane reductions). The project work zones are spread across two counties, El Paso and Teller, with the following highways: CO 21B, US 24A, US 24G, CO 25A, CO 67D, CO105A.

Project Facts

  • Cost: $448,255
  • Contractor: RoadSafe
  • Timeline: late July 2022 - late August 2022
  • Location: Various highways in El Paso and Teller Counties:  CO 21B, US 24A, US 24G, I-25A, CO 67D, CO 105A

Project Locations:

The project work zones include:

  • Woodland Park: CO Highway 67D (MP 76.9 to MP 77.6)
  • Monument: CO Highway 105A (MP 4.88 to MP 9.22)
  • Between Monument & Colorado Springs: CO Highway 21B (MP 151.21 to MP 152.78)
  • Between Calhan & Colorado Springs: US 24G (MP 312 to MP 319.67 and MP 325.80 to MP 349.18)
  • Between Woodland Park & Colorado Springs: US 24A (MP 303.33 to MP 303.53)
  • Colorado Springs: I-25A (MP 137.4 to MP 143)  

Stencil marking project map

Work Schedule:

  • Crews will be working only nighttime hours throughout the duration of the project. Typical working hours will be from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sunday through Thursday (busier highway locations will begin later).

Traffic Impacts:

  • Single lane closures are expected intermittently in each project location with at least one lane of through traffic open at all times. These lane reductions may slow traffic but are not anticipated to cause delays. To get real time information on this project and others across the state, please check