I-270 Study: Project Alternatives

CDOT and FHWA have considered a range of alternatives for this project.

After initial evaluation and screening, and gathering input from the community, the following improvements are recommended for the alternatives to be evaluated in detail in the Environmental Impact Statement.

  • Replacing bridges that are at the end of their useful life
  • Reconstructing existing pavement
  • Widening shoulders where necessary
  • Reconstructing the Vasquez Boulevard interchange
  • Improving other I-270 interchange entrance and exit ramps
  • Constructing sidewalks at I-270 crossings to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards
  • Adding one new travel lane in each direction, which could operate as a general-purpose or Express Lane

Improvements not recommended for further consideration in the Environmental Impact Statement include:

  • Only bicycle, pedestrian, and transit enhancements without other highway improvements
  • Repairing highway infrastructure without increasing highway capacity
  • Adding a new travel lane that could only be used by buses
  • Adding more than one new travel lane in each direction of I-270

The recommended improvements will undergo further refinement, incorporating additional elements such as bicycle and pedestrian connections as well as other community enhancements, as the project design advances throughout the summer and fall.

All recommendations are subject to change based on input.