Study Background

Numerous studies have been conducted in the I-70 Mountain Corridor over the last two decades. The AGS Feasibility Study is a result of CDOT’s and the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) selection of the I-70 Mountain Corridor Preferred Alternative recommended by the Collaborative Effort in the June 2011 I-70 Mountain Corridor Record of Decision (ROD).

The Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (FPEIS) commits to determining the feasibility of an AGS in the Corridor and completing a specific set of highway improvements prior to determining the need for additional highway and non-AGS transit improvements.

The AGS Feasibility Study identifies feasible technologies, station locations, funding/financing options and general alignments. Certain performance and operating criteria that needed to be met were defined and used as part of the evaluation process.

The study area begins at the C-470/Jefferson County Government Center light rail station and continues west for approximately 120 miles to Eagle County Regional Airport. It is important to note that any potential AGS must ultimately connect to Denver International Airport (DIA).

The AGS Feasibility Study interfaced directly with CDOT’s Interregional Connectivity Study (ICS).The ICS evaluated and identified high-speed rail options between the eastern boundary of the AGS study area and DIA as well as integration with the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD’s) FasTracks system, and alignments, technologies and stations for high speed rail along Colorado’s Front Range between Fort Collins and Pueblo.