Project Overview

Identified Challenges

The existing roads within the project area pose three major challenges:

  1. congestion
  2. inefficient access to surrounding properties
  3. circuitous routes for freight traffic

Heavy congestion occurs on I-270 during peak hours, and the intersection of Vasquez Boulevard and 60th Avenue is difficult for drivers and pedestrians to navigate and, thus, causes safety concerns.


CDOT and local agencies are interested in easing future congestion on I-270 and local roadways in the project area. Following are their primary goals:

  • Address safety concerns.
  • Improve connectivity within the project area for all modes.
  • Improving the movement of freight through the project area.

Alternatives Considered

The project team and technical working group (TWG) evaluated three alternatives:

  1. At-grade alternative
  2. One-way pair alternative
  3. Viaduct alternative

The team used an approach to evaluate how each proposed alternative would address and meet the project goals. This approach allowed all stakeholders to understand the benefits and impacts, consider how each alternative addressed the issues most important to them, and balanced the various needs and priorities across different interests.

The information was used as the basis for discussion and collaborative decision-making to recommend an alternative to move forward for further design and evaluation.