Pre-Construction Information

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Grandview Interchange View South

Project Info

  • Budget: $98.6 million (estimated total cost)
  • Location: U.S. 550 & U.S. 160 Interchange south of Durango, near Grandview and Three Springs
  • Contractor(s): Lawrence Construction Co. and RS&H, Inc.
US 160-550 New Connection Map

This project—focused on the U.S. Highway 550 connection to U.S. Highway 160, south of Durango—is part of long-range planning to enhance transportation for Southwest Colorado. The connection is a key component for future growth providing mobility, safety, economic vitality and connectivity for the entire Four Corners area and all communities within this region which are currently seeing significant amounts of growth.

Neighborhoods and developments  near the project have seen increased use with La Plata County's and the City of Durango's completion of Wilson Gulch Road. Completion of this project will provide much safer and more efficient access to the area's regional hospital, and the Grandview and Three Springs neighborhoods.


  • Mobility
    The connection will improve mobility by providing an efficient connection of U.S. 550 to U.S. 160, reducing travel times and improving access to:
    • Grandview;
    • the area's regional hospital;
    • the police substation;
    • the Three Springs residential development; and
    • the City of Durango business development.
    Regional freight transportation will also benefit from the enhanced mobility. 

  • Safety
    The project improvements will greatly enhance safety for both private passenger and commercial vehicles.
    • The connection, south of Durango, will realign U.S. 550 directly into the existing U.S. 160 interchange, eliminating the current U.S. 550 Farmington Hill with its steep grade and curvy alignment, greatly improving roadway geometry. 
    • The new highway alignment will include state-of-the-art de-icing technology for a safer road surface during freezing weather conditions.
    • The connection will eliminate the need for the existing light signal at base of U.S. 550 Farmington Hill.
    • The project will include wildlife highway mitigation features which will reduce animal-vehicle collisions.   
  • Economic Vitality
    U.S. 550 and U.S. 160 are truck routes, which provide significant freight mobility for oil and gas, agriculture, and other industries, while also ensuring safe and reliable travel for critical goods and services to and from New Mexico and the Four Corners region.

  • Connectivity
    The project will provide connectivity to a new urban core, including the regional hospital; police department; retail and business district; and residential neighborhoods.