US 6/North Avenue Resurfacing

About the Project:

The current work zone is the west end of 29 ½ Rd. to 23rd St.

Hot mix asphalt patching is scheduled for today, Friday, July 29 and Monday, Aug. 1 from 29 1/2 Rd. to 29 Rd. To minimize traffic impacts, signal work will progress from 29 Rd. eastward due to traffic volumes being lower in the morning at 29 Rd.

Work continues on concrete curb and median cover work on US 6/North Ave between 29 Rd and 28 1/2 Rd. Work also includes curb and median cover removal and removal of light standard foundations between 28 Rd and 23rd Street. Saw cutting along asphalt medians continues from 16th to 20th Streets.

Boring and potholing continues at 28 Rd. as well as camera installation one intersection at a time (28.1/2 Rd., 28 ¼ Rd., 25 & 28 Rd.).

As the project progresses, the team continues to encounter drivers not slowing through the work zone. Please be aware of workers in the “cone zone'' and be respectful of their safety.

Work Schedule

  • Work is scheduled Sunday-Friday, 7 p.m.-7 a.m.

Traffic Impacts

  • Motorists should expect minimal delays through the work zone. The posted speed limit through the work zone is 30 mph.
  • One lane of travel in each direction will always be maintained, the through lanes will be the outside travel lanes on North Avenue while median construction is being performed.
  • Some limited daytime work is possible.
  • Drivers should anticipate some restrictions to left hand turn movements within the work zone.
  • There is a 10’ width restriction in place for freight and commercial vehicles. Freight and CMV are encouraged to use alternate routes around the project limits.
  • Utility work in the area is ongoing and will be taking place throughout the day.

Project Facts

  • Cost: $9.2 Million
  • Contractor: United Companies
  • Timeline: May - November 2022
  • Location: US Highway 6/North Avenue between 1st St. and I-70B (Mile Points 37-46)