Vail Pass Rest Area Replacement Public Engagement

CDOT is gathering feedback on the Vail Pass Rest Area replacement project during a public engagement period through February 16th, 2021. Please navigate to the project presentation and project survey links below. Due to current limitations on public events during COVID-19, CDOT will provide virtual opportunities for public engagement. Information about this study will be shared online here.

 Vail Pass Rest Area Replacement Project Presentation (PDF)

Vail Pass Rest Area Replacement Project Survey

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Virtual Public Engagement Process

Virtual public engagement includes, but is not exclusive to, the following process: project stakeholders will be notified of the opportunity to review the study details and how to provide feedback by:

  • The press release announcement for local media
  • Direct mail to adjacent property owners
  • Emails to project stakeholders
  • Public notification on CDOT’s Facebook and Twitter pages

If a neighbor or stakeholder does not have access to a computer, all information on the project is available by calling Hope Wright at 720-231-6173. CDOT encourages public input on all projects.

Submit Feedback

To submit feedback, please email Hope Wright at [email protected]

If you don’t have access to the internet, please call Hope Wright at 720-231-6173 for information or to submit feedback.