Bringing the Conversation to the Institute of Cannabis Research

On March 25, CDOT participated in the Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) Conference at Colorado State University-Pueblo by hosting a panel of traffic safety and data collection experts. Panelists from CDOT and the Colorado Department of Public Safety presented the state’s latest data on cannabis-impaired driving, including collection methods, applications and constraints, as well as longitudinal data on marijuana-impaired crashes, arrests, injuries and fatalities, and self-reported data on cannabis use, opinions and behaviors.

The data was pulled from CDOT’s annual driver survey, as well as results from our 2018 Cannabis Conversation public outreach. The panel engaged attendees in a roundtable discussion exploring the scientific, behavioral, legal, economic and social elements tied to cannabis-impaired driving.

The ICR is the nation’s first multi-disciplinary cannabis research center at a regional, comprehensive institution. The Institute’s primary function is to generate knowledge that contributes to science, medicine and society through investigation of the benefits and risks associated with cannabis. Research findings are used to translate discoveries into innovative applications that improve lives. The ICR conference is an annual, international cannabis research conference.

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