CDOT Launches Moving Towards Zero Deaths

MovingTowardZero LogoCDOT has launched a new era for transportation safety in Colorado.  In 2015, Governor Hickenlooper joined state and national officials to announce Moving Colorado Towards Zero Deaths, which sets a bold and visionary goal of zero deaths for every individual, family and community using Colorado’s transportation network. “We are announcing this ambitious goal to dramatically reduce transportation deaths in Colorado as we know that even one death is one too many," said Governor Hickenlooper. “This new vision serves as a wake-up call to any who have become complacent about the number of traffic deaths in Colorado each year."  In 2014, there were 486 traffic deaths in Colorado, according to preliminary estimates. 

Moving Towards Zero Deaths is a core value of the state’s new Strategic Highway Safety Plan, which provides innovative and data-driven approaches to improving highway safety. The plan leverages the success of safety programs statewide to decrease fatalities, serious injuries and crashes on Colorado’s roadways.  The strategies in this new safety plan show immense promise in helping Colorado reach zero deaths. To demonstrate and measure progress, the new vision sets realistic interim goals, including reducing fatalities from 548 in 2008 to 416 by 2019. 

The new campaign includes a new partners program that certifies safety initiatives administered by community allies to reach zero deaths.  The partner certification provides the zero deaths seal to any organization that meets certain criteria, including the implementation of a program that addresses at least one SHSP emphasis area. For a list of the organizations that have received their certification, click here.

A public service announcement (PSA) was developed to introduce the Towards Zero Deaths initiative.  The PSA vividly illustrates the pain and horror that so many families experience when they lose a loved one in a traffic crash.  To date, the PSA has reached almost 100,000 people through social media channels. Click here to view the video.

Colorado is at the national forefront of traffic safety improvement.  A 2012 study by the National Academies’ Transportation Research Board (TRB) showed Colorado far above the country in fatal crash reduction and effective use of state and federal roadway safety dollars.  Between 2000 and 2008 Colorado reduced crash fatalities by 24%, far exceeding every other state in the nation.    In recent years the number of fatalities has remained leveled or slightly increased.  

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