Safety Advocates

Safety Advocates in Colorado such as educators, local health departments , law enforcement and other safety-based organizations have made strides in making a real difference and increasing teen driving safety. Because of you, Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) laws that are now enforced statewide have contributed to a 50 percent decline in teen traffic fatalities since its inception.

This website is designed as a resource for safety advocates statewide. These materials have been prepared for you by CDOT and the Colorado Teen Driving Alliance (CTDA), an interagency statewide coalition of champions that acts on reducing teen motor vehicle crashes and improving teen motor vehicle safety.

New teen drivers are on the road every single day. Here, we provide you with tips and tools to help spread the message about safe driving.

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Involve Teens

  • Distribute and post educational materials at schools, libraries and other places where you can reach teens in your area
  • Encourage teens to include articles about safe driving in the school newspaper
  • Post safe driving web banners on your website

A comprehensive tool kit including posters, brochures and more are available for your use free of charge!

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Involve Parents

Communicate with parents, and provide them with tips and tools, such as a Driving Contract, to help them get more involved in the driving process with their teen.

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Involve Law Enforcement

Provide law enforcement officers in your area with the information and tools necessary to strictly enforce GDL laws.

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Safety Advocate Resources

Need some help getting started? The Colorado Teen Driving Alliance (CTDA) has compiled some tools and links to help you build a coalition, create an action plan, and find grants to help fund your activities.

Did you know? Texting and talking on a cell phone is illegal for teen drivers while driving?

Know the Stats & Facts

Analyze and interpret the data we have available on the subject of teen driving, including national and Colorado-specific fatality data, seat belt use, distracted driving and more.