Involve Law Enforcement

Teen driving laws are most effective when law enforcement officers are armed with the tools and information necessary to enforce them. GDL laws can not only be confusing for teens and their parents, but also for law enforcement. These tools were created to support Colorado’s law enforcement officers In their mission to protect teen drivers and keep the roads safe for all drivers.

  • Pocket GDL Card
    Pocket-sized reference on the GDL laws, including statute, restrictions, exemptions and penalties.
  • Kids, Keys, Cars and the GDL Law presentation
    Developed by DriveSmart, a Colorado Springs based safety organization, this presentation explains the importance of the GDL laws and what to look for when it comes to enforcing them.
  • GDL Law Enforcement Roll Call Video – This 2 minute video can be show at agency roll call meetings and gives a quick overview of teen driving laws and tips for enforcement.