Teen Driving Home

iStock Teen Girl Teen HomeWhat you need to know to get-and keep-your Colorado driver's license.

What else do you look forward to more than getting your license?

Not much, right?  But, with the added freedom that comes with driving, also comes a lot of responsibility.

Colorado takes teen driving safety very seriously.  And, for good reason.  Crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in Colorado and across the country.

This website is designed with you, the new or future teen driver, in mind.  Here you will find answers to your questions about getting-and keeping-your license.

Colorado's GDL Laws?

GDL stands for Graduated Driver Licensing-laws designed to help you develop important driving skills gradually while adhering to important restrictions in your first years of driving.  GDL laws are designed with your safety in mind.

GDL affects the steps required to get your license, and also the specific restrictions you'll need to obey until you turn 18.  Passenger restrictionscell phone bans, and curfew are just a few examples of GDL laws.