Fines and Points

If you get caught breaking a GDL law, Colorado will add points to your license. Each violation is worth two points—get three violations by the time you turn 18 and you’ll lose your license. Violations also result in fines, community service, and/or loss of your license.

Penalties for seat belt, curfew and passenger restriction violations:

Violation Fine Hours of Community Service License Suspension Points
1st Offense Minimum $65 8 to 24 2
2nd Offense Minimum $100 16 to 40 2
Subsequent Offense Minimum $150 16 to 40 2

For violating the no talk/text law for teen drivers, you’ll be fined 1 point off your license and a $57 fine for the 1st offense, and $107 for subsequent offenses.

Regardless of whether or not you have broken any traffic laws, your parents can pull your license at any time if you’re under 18.

For more on points and penalties, see the DMV’s webpage