Getting Your License

The more training you get, the better driver you’ll be.

What types of driving courses are offered?

  • Driver’s ed course – A state-approved, 30-hour classroom or Internet course.
  • Driver awareness program – A state-approved, 4-hour safety education class.
  • Behind-the-wheel training – A 6-hour vehicle course with a driving instructor.

For more about driving schools, permit applications and testing locations, go to the Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles website.

Steps to getting your license

Remember: the training required before you can apply for a license depends on your age when starting the GDL process.  Use the interactive tool below to guide you through each step in the process.  For a complete overview of the GDL process, download the chart as a printable PDF.

Did you know?

Teens that take behind-the-wheel training report that they are more confident drivers and are less likely to crash.