Drivers Seat Tool Kit

Learning to drive is a monumental step for any teenager. As an educator, safety advocate or parent, there are actions you can take to help a teen build driving skills and minimize the risk of crashing. The free tools provided in the Teen Driving Safety Tool Kit are designed to help you facilitate awareness, education and advocacy for teen driving safety in your community.

  • Distribute and post educational materials at schools, libraries and other places in your community.
  • Encourage schools to incorporate messages about safe driving in morning announcements.
  • Encourage the local or school newspapers to cover articles on the subject of safe driving.
  • Educate parents on how to encourage safe driving with their teen.
  • Post safe driving web banners on your website.

These materials are available for your use free of charge. You can download print-ready files here, or contact Sam Cole at [email protected] to request materials to be shipped.

Teen Driving General

Getting Your License – One Sheet (pdf)
The process for getting a driver’s license depends on the driver’s age. This One Sheet outlines the necessary training required for drivers based on his or her age.

Brochure for Parents - English
Brochure for Parents - Spanish

This informative brochure includes the process for getting a license as well as an explanation of the GDL laws.

Brochure for Teens
Informative brochure includes the process for getting a license as well as an explanation of the GDL laws.

Public Announcements – GDL Laws
Educate teens on the GDL laws

Article for Parents: Tips to Keep Teen Drivers Safe
Seven tips to developing an “authoritative parenting” approach towards teen driving.

Article for Parents: Some of Life’s Most Important Lessons Begin Behind the Wheel
How parents can help their teen understand the GDL laws and how to enforce them at home.

Article for Parents: Keeping your Teen Safe
How parents can keep their teens safe while they are in the driver’s seat.

Article for Teens: Tips and Resources to build your own article
Are you interested in writing a story for your school newspaper about teen driving? Use this article as a reference guide on GDL laws, buckling up and the cell phone ban for teens in Colorado.

Passengers Radio Spot (mp3)
Radio spot about the dangers and distractions of passengers in the vehicle with teen drivers.

GDL Law Enforcement Roll Call Video
This two-minute video can be show at agency roll call meetings and gives a quick overview of teen driving laws and tips for enforcement.

Public Service Announcement for Parents
This 60-second video motivates and educates parents on their role in teen driving safety. It can be shown to parents in safety training courses or as a link in an e-newsletter.

Distracted Driving

Website Banners Ads - Scrolling Dangers

Parking Lot Stencil – Hang Up! Buckle Up!
5’x2’ stencil with “Hang Up! Buckle Up!” message to showcase in your parking lot. Available to borrow.

Public Announcements – Let’s Keep It Safe Out There
Encourage teens not to drive distracted.

Letter to Parents: Teen Driving Safety, Focus on Distractions
It’s our children (drivers under 20 years-old) that have the highest proportion of distraction-related fatal crashes. How parents can help.

Article for Teens: Power Down
Did you know that cell phone use by drivers under age 18 is now illegal in Colorado? Regardless of whether it’s banned or not, texting or talking on the phone while driving is risky business.

Article for Teens: Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Distracted
Your friends may be able to help you pass trigonometry and get over a failed relationship, but they could be risking your life when they’re a passenger in your car.

Drinking & Driving

Radio Spot – Put the Car in Park at Prom (mp3)
Hey Sexy, prom’s coming up. And I wanna tell you how to get the lady in your life to ask you to put the car in park. Just have a couple drinks…

Article for Parents: Drinking & Driving:  How Parents Can Help
Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teens in Colorado, and many more are severely injured every year. Often the causes of those crashes involve inexperience, distracted driving and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Article for Teens: Alcohol Perception vs. Reality
Tragically we’ve all read the news stories about teens being killed while driving drunk. In the U.S. alone, alcohol kills more youth than all illegal drugs combined…

Seat Belt

Website Banner Ads - No Seat Belt = Ticket

Radio Spot – Super Grande Seat Belt (mp3)
Dude, I can get pulled over if you’re not buckled up…

Poster/Ad – Buckle up or pay up

Public Announcements – Buckle Up!
Encourage teens to wear seat belts.

Article for Teens: Would you like more freedom?
Would you like more freedom, money and time to do what you want? Here’s how buckling up can help you achieve them. 

Winter Driving

Winter Driving Tips
Tips for driving in snow and ice.

Website Banner Ads - Ice & Snow, Take It Slow

Print Ad - You Ready? Winter Weather Means Unpredictable Conditions

Public Announcements – Winter Driving
Winter driving tips.

Article for Parents: Inexperience & Winter Roads
Inexperience and winter roads – A risky combination for new Teen Drivers.

Article for Teens: Get Belted Not Busted
8  reasons to buckle up this winter.