“Driver’s Seat” Tool Kit Materials

These materials are available to download by high schools across Colorado to help educate new teen drivers about everything from Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) laws… to topics like distracted driving, seat belts and winter driving.

There is also information aimed at informing parents about their key role in keeping teens safe behind the wheel. People at your school who may be most interested in using the tool kit items include journalism advisors, communications staff, school resource officers, Webmasters and school nurses.  Please encourage them to check this website regularly for updates to these items.

The materials are organized by type and include the following topics:

  • GDL laws
  • New cell phone ban
  • Distracted driving materials
  • Winter driving
  • Seat belts
  • Impaired driving

Special Campaigns - Prom DUI Materials and Distracted Driving at D!straction.gov

Teen Articles – Can be used in school newspapers or online

Parent Articles – Can be posted online, included in parent newsletters, or distributed at PTA meetings or teacher conferences.

Public Announcements – Voiceover scripts that can be read at special events or as PA announcements before class

Fact Sheets – Can be used by students to write articles and papers

Print Ads – Can be used in student publications

Website Banner Ads – To be used on school Web sites

Posters – Can be reprinted or ordered from CDOT

Radio spots – Can be used as PA announcements or as part of a school radio broadcast.

If you have any questions about the materials or would like to request posters, please contact Heather Halpape, [email protected] or 303-757-9484.