These teen articles can be used in school newspapers or online. These parent articles can be posted online, included in parent newsletters, or distributed at PTA meetings or teacher conferences.

Teen Articles

Cell Phones - Power Down When You’re In The Driver’s Seat

Teen Driving - Tips and Resources to Build Your Own Article

Seat Belts - Would You Like More Freedom, Money and Time to do What You Want?

Seat Belts - Get Belted, Not Busted (or worse)

Distracted Driving - Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Distracted

Drunk Driving - Perception vs. Reality


Parent Articles

Distracted Driving - What Every Parent of Teen Drivers Need to Know

Safety - Parenting Tips to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

Safety - Tips on How to Keep Your Teen Out of the News

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) - Some of Life's Most Important Lessons Begin Behind the Wheel

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) - Keeping Your Teen Safe in the Driver's Seat

Drunk Driving - How Parents Can Help Their Teen Drivers Stay Safe and Alive

Winter Driving - Inexperience and Winter Roads - A Risky Combination for New Teen Drivers