Getting a License

Teen w/Keys Parent Home

Parents can support their future teen driver by understanding the options available when it comes to Driver’s Ed and encouraging their teen to get as much training as possible.

The steps required to get a license vary depending upon when a teen starts the process.  If her goal is to get her license on her 16th birthday, she’ll need to start driver’s ed at age 14 ½. Generally speaking, some sort of classroom-based education is required before a teen can obtain a drivers permit. Once she has a permit, she will need to log 50 hours of drive-time over the course of one year before applying for a license.

There are a variety of training options available. Experts recommend exposing your teen to as much training as possible.

Driver's Ed Course – A minimum 30-hour classroom-based course that covers all aspects of driving, as recommended by the USDOT.

Driver Awareness Program – A minimum 4-hour classroom-based course that encourages safe driving practices and taking responsibility for your behavior by adopting sound decision-making skills, offering tips for resistance to peer pressure and educating on the consequences of reckless and/or inattentive driving.

Behind-the-Wheel Training – A minimum 6-hour field-based course provides opportunities for traffic experiences under real conditions.

For more about driving schools, permit applications and testing locations, go to the Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles website.