Meet the Bean

CDOT’s new ads educate consumers on marijuana-impaired driving

Is it an avocado? A legume? An eggplant? It’s hard to say for sure. What we do know is that this friendly character has become known as “the bean” in traffic safety circles. We can’t tell you where he came from or where he’s been, but we can tell you why he’s here. He’s been very vocal about it. He’s here to tell us about the dangers of driving high.

Don’t get caught in la-la land

Daydreaming is fun and all, but behind the wheel, it’s dangerous. Consuming THC is proven to slow your reaction time, reduce focus and temporarily weaken problem-solving skills — leaving you in la-la land. Not a good combo when you’re trying to get from point A to point B safely. In fact, driving under the influence of marijuana can double the risk of a crash. The risk increases even more when you use two or more intoxicating substances at the same time, such as cannabis and alcohol. In 2023, there were 218 impaired-related crash fatalities on Colorado roads.

Illustration of the three "bean" characters in their cars with "Meet the Bean" in writing above them

Driving high will cost you

Some Colorado marijuana consumers might not realize that in addition to increasing the risk of a crash, driving high can lead to a DUI arrest. The same DUI laws apply to marijuana as they do to alcohol or any combination of impairing substances. The consequences are staggering – a DUI can cost upwards of $13,500 and a minimum of 170 hours of your time. Make the right decision to never drive high – even micro-dosing or driving under the influence of medical marijuana can lead to a DUI.

What’s next for the bean?

More is sure to come from the bean – we just have to wait for him to come down from his high first. In the meantime, get the facts on impaired driving and learn how long you should wait to drive after getting high. Cannabis industry workers can check out budtender resources and take the free certification course on Learn Brands to help educate customers about the laws and dangers of driving high.
Printed educational tear-off pads are available for use in cannabis businesses, prevention organizations and community gathering places. Order free materials here. To learn more about CDOT’s Drugged Driving campaign and view creative materials, visit